Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Please note that this is an unpaid Volunteer position. You will not be monetarily compensated for your time, but we do offer some sweet benefits to our amazing volunteers and interns.


Background: Pitch Labs is a 501(c)3 non-profit taking strides to change the face of entrepreneurship. As it stands right now, obtaining entrepreneurial knowledge can be expensive and seems only available to limited amounts of people. However, millions of entrepreneurs worldwide know they can make innovations that will change and shape society forever. Pitch Labs is helping entrepreneurs unlock the resources they need by creating an accessible online library, hosting virtual events, and opening clubs in schools to allow entrepreneurs to unlock their skills and do what they are meant to do: create!


  • Located in the U.S. and speaks professional/native level English
  • Experience: Must have a portfolio of academic or professional graphic design work that exemplifies creativeness and attention to detail.
  • Technical Skills: Proficient in graphic design software, ideally platforms like Photoshop and/or Canva.
  • Creative Ability: Ability to understand and apply different methods of color, design, and typography. Ability to think creatively and develop new concepts of designs for branding guidelines and social media posts. Someone who knows how to convey our mission, who we are & what we do, in a visually provocative way; who can leave a lasting impression on everyone who interacts with our public platforms.
  • Communication: Must display strong communication skills and work with other marketing department members.
  • Time Management: Must be able to manage time effectively to meet deadlines, responding to emails/messaging within 24 hours and being highly responsive.
  • Problem Solver: Have the ability to take the initiative and resolve problems as professionally and effectively as possible.

What We Need: We have a vision. We have a platform, but we need a more substantial social media presence to help place a spotlight on our resources. Business reaches every industry and profession in the world, which means we can relate to everyone somehow, but we need to create exciting content to do so. We welcome new and veteran Graphic Designers who want to learn through research and exploration. All we seek in individuals is a desire to help others by promoting information sharing. We want our social media posts to relate to world events and also have valuable business lessons.

*NOTE: Use of AI to write responses in your application will disqualify it from consideration.


  • MUST attend weekly departmental meetings organized by the CMO to discuss current and future projects and other organizational updates. (Tuesdays @ 7p EST)
  • Create artistic visuals such as social media posts, logos, original images, and illustrations that incorporate and display Pitch Lab’s core values and tone.
  • You must be able to create graphic designs to incorporate into our designated social media channels, such as Instagram and any other marketing materials.
  • Keep current with the latest design trends, software, and technology.
  • Will oversee all design aspects within their designated projects.
  • Work with other team members, such as communicating with the social media strategist and marketing copywriter, to design graphics that fit within Pitch Lab’s current content strategy.

Time Commitment: THIS IS AN UNPAID, REMOTE #WFH VOLUNTEER POSITION. Therefore, we are incredibly flexible with time and ask that you contribute what you can. If you have exams, work, or family events come up, you are more than able to take a break. During times when you are an active volunteer, we ask that you contribute at least 3-5 hours a week (ideally for at least six months). This is an excellent position for students in school or university who want to go into a career field but want to learn more about it, as through writing research, you can dive more deeply than you have ever done before.

Benefits: We are a certified Presidential Volunteer Service Award (United States) organization that can award you certified volunteer hours for the time you work. With longevity, we also give all of our volunteers access to exclusive perks such as: advanced Google Workspace features, the flexibility of working remotely, 1:1 coaching/Q&A sessions with industry experts, resume coaching and guidance, internal educational webinars, public recognition of outstanding work on our social platforms, internal networking, and more!


Make sure we can view it! We may not be able to follow up if we can't see your supplemental materials.

DEI Statement

Pitch Labs is a nonprofit organization deeply committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness. Recognizing the inherent value that diverse perspectives bring to the innovation landscape, Pitch Labs actively promotes an environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcome and valued. The organization firmly believes in the principles of equal opportunity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic.