To empower and connect entrepreneurs through providing strategic and accessible resources.

The Pitch Labs Story

What does Pitch Labs mean? How was the name chosen?

A big part of our focus as an organization was to get students ready to pitch their business (and themselves) to others. This is how we chose our name.

We wanted these “pitches” to be a way to build trust and relationships; and the “labs” portion focuses on growing, developing, & testing new ideas. Innovation isn’t always something that is successful and we wanted this to be a learning experience for budding entrepreneurs more than anything else.

The time is NOW to make your business more than just an idea.

Pitch Labs hourglass logo

Behind the Hourglass logo

Recognition of the hourglass as a symbol of time has held fast to its reputation as a representation of timekeeping. For us, it also represented an intersection of the saying “Time is Money” & the sharing of resources being catalystic. Energy passes through both sides of the hourglass.

For example, in the American television soap opera “Days of Our Lives”, since its first broadcast in 1965, has displayed an hourglass in its opening credits, with the narration, “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives”.

Moreover, the hourglass meaning brings the significance of managing your time well. Mostly, if you want to overcome certain changes in your life, then you need to have certain experiences.

Pitch Labs at a Glance

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Who we are at Pitch Labs

What does Pitch Labs do?

Pitch Labs is helping the next generation of leaders gain the skills they need to succeed. Whether with starting a business or leading a team, Pitch Labs provides new entrepreneurs with a touching point of knowledge and a platform to utilize as they discover what their calling in the world is. We provide new entrepreneurs with the resources they need to thrive and explore how they can help the world around them.

How does Pitch Labs do that?

01 / Library - We have hundreds of static articles which have information on various aspects of business such as the writing of a business plan and are working on creating dynamic articles which would allow us to break down big world events in real-time and explain their impact on individuals.

02 / Events - We are calling for new entrepreneurs to reflect on their experiences and challenge themselves to find problems within their communities that they can solve and to build out those solutions - what we value is the knowledge gained along the way, any progress is a success.

03 / Community - We allow new and veteran entrepreneurs to connect and share guidance and feedback on ideas (we value diversity of thought).

Organization Milestone History


Pitch Labs Ideated


Website domain purchased


LLC/Inc certified official documents secured


First team members hired


First department established & website build-out begins


First library article posted on website


The Events Department is established


First advisory board committee member becomes inducted


75th article published to Library


Playable Media Department established


150th article published to Library & Public Relations Department established


PL Internal Team reaches 75 staff members


Our Discord Community server reaches over 1,000 users!

The story continues!

Ready to join us?

Want to go a step further and volunteer hands-on with the team of entrepreneurs building Pitch Labs? Join us today! We accept anyone 14 and up and contributions of any size! All you need is energy and passion!