Thank you for taking an interest in our opportunities!


Hey there! Thank you for being interested and wanting to help out at Pitch Labs - apply today if any of the roles below align with your passion or skill set! Also check out our staff perks.

Think you have a special skill you want to share with our organization that doesn't fall into any of the opportunities below? Email us at and we can try to find a place for you to "pitch" in! ;)

Article Editor

Volunteer Position

Use your knowledge and experience in editing articles to assist Article writers for the Written Media Department team.

Article Ideator & Publisher

Volunteer Position

The Article Ideator and Publisher would create topics that answer new entrepreneurs' questions and store them on our internal tracking software for writers to write about.

Copywriter, Marketing

Volunteer Position

Promote the sharing of information in non-mediocre/creative, memorable ways. Helping to make our social media posts relate to world events and also have valuable business lessons.

DevOps Engineer

Volunteer Position

As a volunteer DevOps Engineer, you will build and maintain methods for deploying, testing, and monitoring our public and internal systems.

Director/Chief Events Officer

Volunteer Position

Work with a skilled team of event coordinators and planners to help put together virtual competitions for high schoolers, speaker series for entrepreneurs to share their experiences, and workshops to engage with and teach members of our community.

Director of Written Media

Volunteer Position

Primarily responsible for the supervision and organization of the written media team to most effectively research and create articles that answer questions new entrepreneurs need to know to start their first business.

Discord Bot Developer

Volunteer Position

Assist in designing, implementing, and maintaining Discord bots for our servers. Write well-designed, efficient code by using best software development practices

Figurehead/Content Manager & Editor

Volunteer Position

By being the face of our video content, you serve as a direct representation of our brand values and commitment to supporting entrepreneurs.

Grant Researcher

Volunteer Position

Help us obtain grant funds that we can use to bring on more professionals who can not only dedicate longer periods of time but who also bring wider expertise to our Operations companywide.

Grant Writer

Volunteer Position

Researching various grants and grant programs, collaborating on grant writing, creating and submitting grant proposals

Ideator & Video Strategist

Volunteer Position

Take charge of tracking trends on social media platforms, continuously monitoring changes and emerging topics relevant to our entrepreneurial audience.

Internal Communications Manager

Volunteer Position

Work cross-functionally and partner with HR/Operations in designing & building out volunteer culture/morale focused initiatives.

Mentor In-Residence (Advisor)

Volunteer Position

Part of the “brain trust” of the leadership team, charged with helping the brand succeed in every way possible.

Operations Director

Volunteer Position

Work in this multifaceted role by overseeing fundraising, legal, and special project tasks distribution among the appropriate team members.

Sponsorship Coordinator

Volunteer Position

Assisting with ad-hoc projects in both our Operations & Events Department

Video Manager (Social/Short-Form)

Volunteer Position

Facilitate accessibility to valuable insights, tips, and guidance for entrepreneurs by leveraging visual content to disseminate strategic resources.

DEI Statement

Pitch Labs is a nonprofit organization deeply committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness. Recognizing the inherent value that diverse perspectives bring to the innovation landscape, Pitch Labs actively promotes an environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcome and valued. The organization firmly believes in the principles of equal opportunity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic.