Interested in starting a club?

Stage 1

Dream big!

Ideate business ideas and conduct market research to choose a product. Learn the importance of ideation, market research, and customer interviews from world-renowned entrepreneurs. Understand the legal aspect of creating a business from legal experts and develop a marketing plan to expand the boundaries of your reach. Master the fundamentals of how to make a pitch presentation and pitch your idea at Pitch Labs' Fall Pitch Competition. Remember that ideation never ends and that you will need to continue ideating throughout the life of your business!

Stage 2

Start selling your product to the world!

Evaluate your product along the way and make decisions that will help you reach your goals. Allow yourself to understand the core principles of innovating and developing a business idea through talks from entrepreneurs from several key industries, and through first-hand experience. Use this stage as a learning phase to understand the process of how to grow a business and pitch your live idea at Pitch Labs' Spring Pitch Competition in front of an audience of investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Stage 3

Keep your business going!

Analyze your failures and contemplate your success. Use this stage as a way to allow for those interested to invest their time and resources in your idea. Enough of the baby steps and hand-holding, explore your business environment, beat your competitors, and take off! This stage knows no end, so we will be with you throughout your ups and downs, every day, at every step.