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Hello, I am Deepak, a high school student and an Article Writer for Pitch Labs. Along with my love of writing and teaching others, I am passionate about entrepreneurship, finance, and coding. I plan to delve more into these subjects in the future.

What is Project Management?

by Deepak Palasamudram ·Dec 19, 2022


Project Management is a term widely used in the business industry, but what does it truly entail? Read on to find out! Read more

What are factors that affect production?

by Deepak Palasamudram ·Jul 18, 2023


What is production? What goes into making a perfect production plan? In this article, we will learn about the factors of production vital for one’s business. Read more

What is Communication Management?

by Deepak Palasamudram ·Sep 19, 2023


Communication is necessary for businesses and projects. To create project plans, effective communication management is required. Want to learn more? Read on.. Read more

What is a vision?

by Deepak Palasamudram ·Jun 18, 2023


If you are wondering what goes into a vision and how businesses implement it, read to find out! Read more

What is a team based structure?

by Deepak Palasamudram ·Apr 2, 2023


This article defines a team-based structure and goes over the four types of team-based structures. Read more

What is an E-Business?

by Deepak Palasamudram ·Jan 21, 2023


This article goes over the definition of e-business and the components of e-business, including e-commerce. Read on to learn more about e-business! Read more

How to Write a Business Plan

by Deepak Palasamudram ·Jan 7, 2023


This article goes over what a business plan is and provides the steps for creating a comprehensive and effective business plan. Read more

When developing a product/service, what should be taken into account?

by Deepak Palasamudram ·May 26, 2023


Like many other potential entrepreneurs, you may wonder what components are considered when developing a product or service. Read to find out! Read more