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Hello, My name is Sampath, I’m an article writer for Pitch Labs. I am truly passionate about coding and robotics. As an article writer, I hope my articles will help many upcoming entrepreneurs.


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What is Sales Concept?

by Sampath Kasina ·Jul 11, 2023


Companies in today's competitive business world strive to accomplish sales goals and increase income. Adopting the sales concept is one effective strategy to achieve these goals. Read more

What is marketing?

by Sampath Kasina ·May 2, 2023


This article goes over marketing’s various functions and the steps needed to take, to come up with an effective marketing plan. Read more

What is the Stock Market?

by Sampath Kasina ·Jun 1, 2023


This article will go over what the stock market is all about and how it plays a major role in our global economy. Read more

What is a LMS (Learning Management System)?

by Sampath Kasina ·May 20, 2023


Regardless of the size of the business, an LMS can help with the development and training division in any business. Read more

What is globalization?

by Sampath Kasina ·Apr 16, 2023


Globalization is the movement of financial products, goods, technology, information, and jobs across national and cultural boundaries. Read more

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