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I am Ezekiel Chidinma Ahika. I am a curious explorer, a researcher, a writer, and an editor. I have a Bachelor's degree in Education, English and Literature (B.A/Ed), and I am an Article Editor at Pitch Labs. I derive pleasure in writing educational content and teaching the things I know.


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What is the Expectancy Theory of Motivation?

by Ezekiel Ahika ·Aug 19, 2023


As a business owner, project manager, supervisor, or coordinator, you can inspire your team to achieve and surpass targets by practicing the expectancy theory of motivation. Read more

What are the external factors that cause businesses to decline or grow?

by Ezekiel Ahika ·Oct 26, 2023


This article will help you understand how to control a businesses growth and prevent decline, it is essential to understand key market factors. Read more

What is the Differentiation Leadership Strategy?

by Ezekiel Ahika ·Jun 5, 2023


Do you want to take a lead in your industry? Applying these differentiation leadership strategies will help you crush your competitors. Read more

Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy

by Ezekiel Ahika ·Jun 23, 2023


Monetary policy and fiscal policy are essential macroeconomic tools used to prevent or resolve economic issues such as inflation, recession, poverty, underdevelopment, and unemployment. Read more

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