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Human Resources Functions

by Anita Kalra ·Mar 13, 2024


HR handles all aspects of staff hiring and firing. The variety of functions carried out by HR includes setting policies in accordance with labor laws, health and safety compliance, and diversity and inclusion requirements. Read more

Mastering sample data with accuracy and precision

by Anita Kalra ·Feb 21, 2024


Sample data is essential for making complex decisions. Using proper sampling techniques is integral for collecting accurate, precise data. Read more

What is a comparative advantage?

by Anita Kalra ·Mar 7, 2024


Comparative advantage is the ability of an individual or a country to produce a good or service at a lower opportunity cost compared to others. Read more

What is an absolute advantage in business?

by Anita Kalra ·Jul 3, 2024


Absolute advantage is the ability to produce a product or service more efficiently in terms of speed, cost, or quantities. Read more

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