What is a vision?

By Deepak Palasamudram2 min read · Posted Jun 18, 2023


A vision statement is a simple sentence (or two) representing your business's goal. A business vision aims to define who your business is, why your business is essential for the community, and to inspire and motivate your employees.

Now you may wonder: What goes into a vision? How do businesses incorporate their vision into their everyday lives? Well, read on to find out!

What goes into a vision?

Many aspects of a business go into their vision. A vision must be unique and must represent your business's personality. Here are a few traits that your business should implement when creating the perfect vision (Sourced from asana.com):


The objective of your vision statement is to inspire employees. A vision should be challenging and encourage your employees to strive for the best of the best and that nothing is impossible. The vision should push your employees to improve and follow its vision continually.


While the vision should be ambitious, it should also be realistic and achievable. A vision that is too close to impossible can demotivate employees and may not be sustainable in the long run, so make sure your vision is something your employees can still strive to achieve while keeping it realistic.


A vision statement connects your goals to your company vision but should not be as if it is a too specific goal. Keep the statement broad and open to adaptation.


Don't put so many details into your vision statement; instead, be strategic by putting only relevant information into your vision statement that aligns with your company's values.

How do businesses incorporate their vision?

To incorporate a vision into everyday operations, businesses must create an organizational plan outlining the steps required to implement the vision. This plan ensures everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in achieving the vision. Additionally, it's crucial to identify motivated and enthusiastic employees who can act as champions of the vision and inspire others to follow their lead. Communication and collaboration are vital in implementing a business vision successfully. Encouraging open and transparent communication between employees builds trust and strengthens relationships. This environment allows employees to share their thoughts and ideas freely, leading to improved collaboration and a more substantial commitment to the vision.

Implementing a vision statement may seem straightforward, but it requires careful planning and time to build. However, with clear communication, collaboration, and a strong leadership team, businesses can successfully incorporate their vision into their everyday operations and achieve their long-term goals.


In conclusion, a smart vision statement is crucial for representing your business. It should embody ambition, feasibility, broadness, and strategy. Incorporating the vision throughout the organization is essential for achieving long-term goals and inspiring employees.


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