When/and why should I create a business

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Have you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know where to start or when to begin? Well, this article is for you. The topics that will be talked about are the pros and cons of creating a business. When to start a business and how creating a business can affect you.

Why should you create a business?

So why do you want to start a business? There are many reasons a person wants to create a business. They could be to get monetary gain, to impact lives, or sell a great idea. The most common reason business owners created their business is to build something from the ground up and reap the benefits. Another common reason is wanting to become their own boss. But if you have the passion, motivation, and determination to build a business then you should start one.


Expanding your skills sets

When starting a new business you will be gaining lots of skills along the way including skills such as building an online presence. Along with establishing your business you will begin to gain connections with other people and businesses, furthering your interactions and experiences.

Capability of hiring your own people

Most people end up having a hard time working with their coworkers at some point in their careers. This leads to having a difficult time getting work done and can create a toxic environment. But when you have your own business, you will get to pick the people you want to work with. No more troublesome coworkers and you get to work and grow with like minded people.

Finding personal fulfillment

Building a business from the ground up gives ultimate satisfaction. You are working hard to achieve your own dreams and not someone else’s. Being successful with your own business gives you that personal accomplishment and you are able to look at how much both you and your business have grown and will be able to live, knowing its success - your success.


Financial risk

Building a business can be a great investment, but also a great risk. At times the money you have invested in the business may turn no revenue, and leave you with a big loss. This is why a business can make business owners face some financial hardships. However as we all know, with great risk comes great reward, and that means there are lots of opportunities to learn as well as earn.

Time Management

⁠As your own boss you can end up spending much more time than your employees. Along with that business owners need skills like good time management to ensure tasks are being done in a timely manner. This means both holding yourself accountable along with your employees.

Missing key skill sets

Managing a business requires having all kinds of skills sets. If you don't have prior experience with owning a business, the possibility of making big mistakes can be much higher. To remedy this, consider bringing people onboard who specialize in certain skill sets that you don’t have. Not only will you be able to learn from each other, but you will be able to further your businesses progress with the help of others.

When should you create a business?

There isn’t a set time to create a business. There isn’t a set age to create business either. But there is a business mindset that should be established to be ready for a business. This mindset can be found by looking at specific signs, such as showing great passion for your goals, accepting failure, having leadership, and having a strong business plan. It all comes down to you and your preferences in the end, but it is always worth taking the risk, and learning from the experience.


In the end, the when, why, and where you want to start your business are all up to you. Find a good opportunity, take it, and grow with it. Starting a business isn’t opening a door and walking into success, you will have ups and downs but will need to take each moment as one to grow. Businesses have ups and downs, but if you have the entrepreneurship spirit, you will be able to keep pushing forward, on your journey to success.

Learn more about the entrepreneurship spirit here! (Article coming soon!)


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