What is job rotation, enlargement, and enrichment?

By Dylan Jomy1 min read · Posted Jul 14, 2023


What makes up work organization? The three concepts of job rotation, job enlargement, and job enrichment.

What is Job Rotation?

Job rotation refers to moving employees between different organizational jobs or tasks. It involves the exchange of employees between different positions or departments. Job rotation aims to provide employees with exposure to various functions and responsibilities. Employees can better understand the company’s operations and enhance their skills and versatility.

What is Job Enlargement?

Job enlargement is increasing the scope of an employee’s job by adding more responsibilities at the same level. Employees are assigned a more comprehensive range of duties that are at a similar skill level. Job enlargement aims to provide employees with a more challenging workload and increase job satisfaction. It can lead to a great sense of ownership and responsibility.

What is Job Enrichment?

Job enrichment increases the complexity of an employee’s job by adding additional responsibilities requiring higher-level skills. It focuses on providing employees with opportunities for personal growth and recognition. Job enrichment involves giving employees more decision-making authority and controlling their work processes. Job enrichment aims to increase employee motivation and overall engagement. It can lead to developing skills and prompts a sense of personal accomplishment.


Overall, job rotation, job enlargement, and job enrichment are strategies organizations can employ to enhance satisfaction, skills development, and organizational performance by providing employees with varied experiences, responsibilities, and meaningful work.


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