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What is the Expectancy Theory of Motivation?

by Ezekiel Ahika ·Aug 19, 2023


As a business owner, project manager, supervisor, or coordinator, you can inspire your team to achieve and surpass targets by practicing the expectancy theory of motivation. Read more

What are the different types of managers? What are their titles?

by Ananth Seshadri ·Mar 13, 2023


The article will overview managers and describe certain types of managers and their responsibilities. Read more

What is Scientific Mangement?

by Aresha Nawaz ·Feb 5, 2024


Scientific management is a method of improving workforce efficiency by using systematic methods such as Taylorism to evaluate work processes. Read more

What is a team based structure?

by Deepak Palasamudram ·Apr 2, 2023


This article defines a team-based structure and goes over the four types of team-based structures. Read more

What are the internal factors that cause businesses to grow?

by Oluwatobiloba Adenmosun ·Feb 4, 2024


The growth of businesses takes time to happen. Something leads to that. This article explores the meaning of internal factors, what they stand for, the internal factors that cause businesses to grow, and how they can yield productivity. Read more

What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

by Ananth Seshadri ·Apr 18, 2023


Article will provide overview and definition of the service level agreement, and will also explain its components Read more

Management Styles

by Rithika Revur ·Sep 10, 2022


Figuring out which form of management to use in your business can help streamline operations and make way for real progress to occur. Read more

What is Corporate Sustainability?

by Shaurya Sharma ·Jan 18, 2023


This shows what corporate sustainability is and how it can be used as a business strategy in an organization. Read more

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