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Hello, I am Hadrat, a communication specialist and an article writer for Pitch Labs. I am passionate about street children and abandoned women, with a special focus on the African terrain. I enjoy writing poems and creative stories.


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8 Most Common Employee Training Methods

by Hadrat Ajao ·Feb 16, 2024


From on-the-job training to electronic learning, this article covers various training methods for upskilling employees and includes examples. Read more

What is rational decision-making? What are the steps?

by Hadrat Ajao ·Mar 25, 2024


This article illustrates rational decision-making and the steps involved. Read more

What is Affective Conflict?

by Hadrat Ajao ·Oct 16, 2023


Affective conflict also known as an emotional conflict stems from emotional or personal disagreements due to differences in perspective or preferences. The article describes affective conflicts, how to understand and manage them and also learn from them. Read more

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation

by Hadrat Ajao ·Feb 13, 2024


This article explains the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and explains the role of incentives. Read more

What is an Employee Evaluation and What Is Its Evaluation process?

by Hadrat Ajao ·May 22, 2024


An employee evaluation is used to rate an employee's areas of strength and need for improvement. It involves preparation, evaluation meeting, evaluation report, follow-up, documentation and implementation, and continuous feedback. Read more

What is Stakeholder Management in Project Management?

by Hadrat Ajao ·Apr 16, 2024


This piece details what a stakeholder is, the relevance to project management, and how to manage stakeholders to run a smooth project. Read more

What are the typical employee benefits?

by Hadrat Ajao ·Mar 20, 2024


Besides a base salary, employees are often offered additional benefits depending on the industry, role, seniority, and the terms negotiated during recruitment. Read more

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