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What Are the Seven Key Concepts in Entrepreneurship?

by Jyothirmayee Vishnusekhar ·May 22, 2024


Entrepreneurs play a major role in shaping our world, and entrepreneurship is a force for positive change and empowerment. Entrepreneurs see opportunity in problems and articulate solutions that no one else even identifies. Read more

Humanistic Management - Need of the Hour

by Jyothirmayee Vishnusekhar ·Mar 30, 2024


This article describes the development of humanistic management theory, its core principles, and why practicing this people-centered management approach is important. Read more

What is the Equity Theory of motivation?

by Jyothirmayee Vishnusekhar ·Jul 5, 2024


We investigate the importance of motivation theories in complex work environments and outline major conclusions from the equity theory of motivation. Read more

What is the four gate model of entrepreneurship?

by Jyothirmayee Vishnusekhar ·Jun 21, 2024


The entrepreneurship journey is pictured as having four stages/gates, starting at the idea gate and ending at the exit gate, and critical features are explained. Read more

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