Staff Benefits

Everyone at Pitch Labs receives perks. Working at Pitch Labs isn't just obtaining a title, it is about obtaining knowledge, doing good, and sharing that good. Get to know some of those perks below:

From Day 1 of becoming a Pitch Labs staff member, you will:

  • Be able to volunteer your time remotely, from home, beach, or cafe :)
  • Get access to your own custom email which comes with advanced Google Suite features
  • Have the chance to be part of teams that work to provide an important, meaningful service/resource to the public and more specifically, for young entrepreneurs
  • Gain access to the inside of a nonprofit organization that will work with you to achieve your educational goals while you learn new things and/or practice skills
  • Get access to our staff community and like-minded individuals that can help you find/pursue new opportunities for mentor-ing and mentor-ship
  • Get exposure to playing a certain role in (sort of) a corporate setting and a chance to improve corporate communication skills
  • Become more immersed in our product to help you grow your own business
  • Time off during times around Exams, Vacations, Camps, etc. We will work with you to best accommodate your needs.

At the 60 DAY mark, you will:

  • Get access to team meetings with our advisory panel members who can give you opportunities in other fields and more experience
  • Get access to resume review, updating, & creation/redesign services from HR

At the 90 DAY mark, you will:

  • be eligible for a 1:1 coaching/Q&A session (for 30-45mins) with an advisory board member of choice where volunteer sets the agenda (once a month max)
  • gain access to Quarterly internal educational webinars led by guest industry specialists
  • receive milestone celebration & project/impact recognition, publicly on PL social platforms (via Volunteer Of The Month nomination, etc.)
  • have the ability to transfer to another internal department/role based on your interests

At the 6 MONTH mark, you will:

  • get your own small business/start up publicized on our directory
  • become eligible for submission to a Presidential Volunteer Service Award if you have logged over 150 hours for certification

At the 1 YEAR mark, you will:

  • receive a written recommendation/reference from your Department Manager and/or the Founder of Pitch Labs for your resume or public LinkedIn profile