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What is COPPA & Why is it Important?

by Dylan Jomy ·Oct 2, 2022


COPPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of children aged 13 and under (primarily on a digital platform). Read more

What is Equal Employment Opportunity?

by Shlok Garg ·Aug 29, 2022


The EEO is an order that public and private entities cannot discriminate against employees based on religion and other physical or personal reasons. Read more

What is a subsidy and what does it do for a product?

by Favour Ndime ·Jun 10, 2024


A subsidy is a direct or indirect help to an individual or organization in the form of cash or breaks in production costs or taxes. Read more

What is antitrust law (USA Specific)?

by Roxanne Guiney ·Jun 14, 2024


The U.S. Antitrust Laws are a collection of acts that protect consumers and the fair market by preventing anticompetitive business practices. Read more

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