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What is Sales Concept?

by Sampath Kasina ·Jul 11, 2023


Companies in today's competitive business world strive to accomplish sales goals and increase income. Adopting the sales concept is one effective strategy to achieve these goals. Read more

What is marketing?

by Sampath Kasina ·May 2, 2023


This article goes over marketing’s various functions and the steps needed to take, to come up with an effective marketing plan. Read more

How to Define a Target Market

by Yash Gupta ·Nov 19, 2022


Defining your business's target market is a critical task. Read this article to find out what exact characteristics can help you in this! Read more

What are ways businesses can get involved in their communities?

by Shaurya Sharma ·Mar 15, 2023


This describes ways that businesses can use their resources to make a difference in their community. Read more

Who Works in Marketing?

by Warren Patterson ·May 29, 2024


What are specific roles involved in the field of marketing? Find out the most common roles and the certain skills needed to excel in each. Read more

What are the Benefits of a Business Getting Involved in its Community?

by Yash Gupta ·Oct 9, 2022


By establishing deeper connections with its local community, a business can open itself up to a wealth of social networks and more! Read more

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