What is a mission statement? What goes into one and how does one write it?

By Rithika Revur2 min read · Posted Mar 31, 2023


Have you ever seen companies or organizations with inspirational statements that describe their company? Well these are a companies’ mission statement. This article will be discussing what a mission statement requires and how to form one for your own business.

What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement portrays a company’s goals, values, and purpose in a few sentences or a brief paragraph. They can also include the company’s ethics and culture. The mission statement helps people understand the purpose of a company and helps people buy products and services from companies that have the same values as them. Investors better understand your company through mission statements and convince them to support your company.

What are the requirements for a mission statement?

A mission statement makes companies show their goals and passions to their target audience and investors,so it is important to have a mission statement that can connect to these people in meaningful ways. At the same time, it should be straightforward and have no hidden messages.

Mission statements can be found in many different ways but all of them have some important requirements such as:

  • Be concise.
  • Make the mission statement have room for change.
  • Make the mission statement unique to your company or organization.
  • Make the mission statement relevant to today’s world.

These items will ensure that the mission statement does meet the requirements to have a sustainable and impactful message that defines your company.


A mission statement can be a powerful thing. It can make a company stand out from other competitors and attract more clients and investors. The mission statement helps a company define its purpose in writing and make their company one of a kind. There are multiple benefits to writing a mission statement and it's vital for a company to understand its purpose and how to write one.


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