How to Build Positive Employee Relationships

By Vihan Singh2 min read · Posted Oct 14, 2022


You are now an owner of a business and have hired employees to work for you. Great! But how do you interact with them and maintain friendly relationships with all your employees? And a bigger problem is how do you prevent any conflicts with employees that might cause loss for your business/company? If you want to find these answers, read on, as this article dives into this topic!

Steps to Build Employee Relationship

  1. Get to know all your employees (name, age, and basic information).

  2. Don’t just evaluate your employee on skills; also consider their personality.

  3. Treat your employees the way you want to be treated.

  4. Work to create an environment that minimizes conflict.

Tips to Maintain Employee Relationships

  1. Trust your employees, and help your employees trust you. Trust is everything; it can help keep good employee relationships or cause conflicts. Helping your employees and being honest can help you gain their respect.
  2. Interacting with your employees is an excellent way to understand them and gain their trust.
  3. Don’t “micromanage.” Managing employees is necessary to maintain your business/company but do not overdo it and make the employees feel like their skills and abilities are unwanted. Since this could affect the employees' confidence, adversely affecting their productivity.
  4. Be transparent. If there is a particular reason for any of your decisions, be honest and tell your employees the reason to prevent any confusion or conflicts.
  5. Have reasonable means of communication. So an employee can reach out whenever they need to.
  6. Appreciate your employees by making them feel valued and a part of the team.
  7. Be patient and listen to any of your employees, whether it's a complaint or a general discussion.
  8. Be fair to all employees by having the same rules, but make expectations if necessary.
  9. If someone is struggling to keep up, work with them to catch up.
  10. Humans make mistakes; if an employee makes a mistake, help them fix it and teach them how not to repeat the mistake.


Building a relationship with an employee can be hard, and losing it can be very easy. Respect and trust your employees the way you want them to respect and trust you. Maintain relationships and build on skills that can help you improve your relationships.

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace”- Doug Conant


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