Why is Motivation Important? How do you Motivate Employees?

By Yash Gupta2 min read · Posted Dec 17, 2022


Imagine this employee: they often sit around on their phone, complete their tasks late, and seem very disinterested in their work. They lack one main thing – motivation. Motivation is the drive and commitment that someone has toward completing tasks or reaching a higher goal.

In the workplace, motivated employees are critical to the company's success. Motivated employees often produce high-quality work, directly benefiting the company as it will be more helpful for decision-making and likely won't have to be redone. The efficiency of the business is dependent on the employees – if they are productive and show interest in their work, they will complete their tasks much quicker, allowing the business's operations to keep moving forward. Motivation in the workplace can significantly impact the company's profit, clientele, product/service quality, and general success.

How can you Motivate your Employees?

There are several ways to increase motivation of your employees, a few of them are:

  • Create a more welcoming work environment - An environment that promotes creativity and puts everyone in a good mood can increase employee productivity. This includes the look and feel of the workplace and how the management treats the employees individually and as a group.
  • Recognize each employee's hard work - When employees are recognized for their work, they feel they are making a positive impact on the business, thus boosting their morale. They will, in turn, be more motivated to continue producing high-quality work.
  • Understand that everyone is different - Each person has a unique personality, and allowing them to channel that into their work will lead to a more passionate and motivated employee. This will result in high-quality work and increased productivity. Creativity can also lead to big ideas!
  • Be empathetic - Understanding your employees' needs is very important. For example, if an employee feels negatively about certain policies or systems in the workplace, listening to their complaints and finding a way to address them will lead to a much happier employee.


Employee motivation significantly impacts how the company operates and its success. There are plenty of ways to motivate your employees, such as forming a better work environment or simply showing empathy. If you notice that some of your employees are unmotivated to do their work, taking proper steps to address their needs will benefit the employee and the business in the long run.


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