What are managerial skills?

By Shaurya Sharma2 min read · Posted Jan 2, 2023


“Management skills”. This is a phrase that is commonly used in job interviews, resumes, and other things related to the workforce. But, what exactly are these, and why are they so important?

According to the Corporate Finance Institute, the basic definition of management skills is “certain attributes or abilities that an executive should possess in order to fulfill specific tasks in an organization.” These are needed to be a good manager, to be able to delegate tasks and get work done. This includes being able to solve problems when they arise and dealing with crisis situations appropriately. These skills can be learned through experience with being a manager which helps them work well with their co-workers, making communication and tasks very easy for the organization. Management skills are very important for organizations to succeed. Management and leadership skills are often considered similar, as they both involve delegating tasks, time management, communication, etc. Management skills also help with making sure that all parts of the corporate machine are doing well, to get more work done. But, there are a few main types of management skills, that every manager strives to have.

The first type is delegation. This is probably one of the most important skills. Managers need to be able to give their subordinates work and be able to follow through with them throughout the process. Managers need to be able to accept that they can’t do everything and they will need to give work to others. Delegation helps managers optimize their efficiency, avoid them wasting time, and helps with developing the responsibilities of employees.

The second type is communication. Communication is important because it will decide how well tasks and internal communication will flow throughout an organization. A manager’s way of communication will also determine how directions will be followed and how well tasks can be completed. Communication involves any message that has to be passed on, be it in oral, digital, or written form, and it makes sure that everyone is in the loop about the progress and goals of the organization. Having the communication channel clearly established allows a manager to tackle issues, and questions and promote collaboration among the team. A manager that has good communication skills is able to gel with their subordinates well, increasing their productivity.

Another type of management skill is planning. Planning refers to the ability to think ahead and organize activities with consideration of available resources throughout the organization. This involves setting goals for what you want to accomplish and also making a detailed roadmap of how to get to those. Without a good plan, nothing concrete can be done, as there will be no set path as to where the team needs to go. Without a good plan, nothing can be achieved.

In the end, management skills are skills that include all of these and more, and with these, any manager can stand out and be a favorite of their subordinates. These skills are essential to run any organization and achieving goals and objectives.


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