What is the USPTO and What Does it Do?

By Vihan Singh2 min read · Posted Sep 23, 2022


Have you ever heard of an individual or company getting a patent on their product or invention from the USPTO? Have you wondered who gives the patent to those individuals and companies? Well, read on to find out!

History of the USPTO?

The full unabbreviated form of USPTO stands for “United States Patent and Trademark Office”. It had been established in 1802 and was run by the “Superintendent of Patents”, a selected official from the Department of State. The USPTO name was adopted in 2000.

What does the USPTO do?

The USPTO has a huge role in the whole marketing and business industry. It helps to promote the growth of science and innovation that can help to make the everyday life of people easier by patenting the products and services of certain companies and individuals. It provides the company or an individual the legal right to their product and name by giving them and honoring their intellectual property rights.

What are patents and intellectual property rights?

IPR (intellectual property rights) are rights given to individuals that protect their products from being stolen.

A patent is a type of IPR, it is a certificate that is given to an inventor that prevents others from copying your invention.

Requirements for obtaining a patent:

  • The invention or service must be new. (Also known as “Novelty”)
  • It is useful (Also known as “Utility”)
  • You mustn’t have sold or used this product or service previously.
  • The invention or service isn’t obvious (“inventive”)

How can you apply for a patent?

*An easy way is to hire an Expert Patent Attorney.

  • Keep a historical record (Steps) of how you invented your product or service.
  • Make sure your product meets the guidelines and requirements.
  • Understand the potential of your invention and see how it affects your consumers' needs.
  • Search for any previous ideas or inventions that match your invention.
  • Prepare your application and file a patent with the USPTO.


If you have an amazing invention you should certainly get a type of IPR on it or have it patented so it cannot be copied. The USPTO has been around for decades and it still serves as an excellent agency that helps the world grow and change by getting new inventions.


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