What is Groupthink?

By Rithika Revur2 min read · Posted Apr 24, 2023


Picture this: you are in a group of people that believes the Earth is flat and you are the only one who believes the Earth is round. Too scared to voice your opinion, even knowing you are correct, you join in the group and believe the world is flat too. This is a case of groupthink. Keep reading to find out what exactly groupthink is and how it can impact your life.

What is Groupthink?

Groupthink occurs when a group of people is so focused on maintaining a sense of unity and harmony that it prevents them from critically evaluating the decision they are making. It is a form of irrational thinking that can lead to poor decision-making.

The most common symptom of groupthink is the suppression of dissenting opinions. If one person in the group has a different opinion, they may be silenced or ignored by the rest. This can lead to a lack of creativity and critical thinking.

Groupthink can also be caused by an over-reliance on a single leader. If the leader dominates the decision-making process, it can prevent the group from critically evaluating their options. The leader may also be unwilling to consider opposing opinions, which can lead to groupthink.


Groupthink can lead to disastrous decisions. It can result in a failure to recognize potential risks or consequences of the decisions being made. It can also cause the group to make decisions that are not in line with their goals or values. It’s important to utilize judgment and reasoning to make the right decision and to prevent groupthink occurring in the first place.


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